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Premier Provider of Comprehensive General Contractor Services

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Dirt Work & Trenching

Our expertise extends to both dirt work and trenching. When it comes to dirt work, we dig, level, and grade your land to create a solid and even foundation for your construction or landscaping projects. In addition, our trenching services are ideal for precise utility installations, ensuring safety and precision in digging trenches according to your specifications. Whether you need a strong foundation or utility trenches, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver.

Demo & Cleanup

When it's time to clear out old structures or simply tidy up your property, our demolition and cleanup services come into play. We efficiently remove debris, old buildings, and anything else you need to clear away. This leaves your space clean, safe, and ready for whatever comes next. Whether you're planning a renovation or just need to reclaim some space, Cheyenne Services is here to help.

Land Clearing & Leveling

Our land clearing and land leveling services are designed to transform your property by removing overgrown vegetation and achieving a smooth, even surface. We create a clean canvas for your landscaping or development plans. We help with tangled brush, unwanted plants, and uneven terrain. With Cheyenne Services, your land will be cleared and leveled, providing the perfect starting point for your property projects. Trust us to make your property a blank slate, ready for your vision to take shape

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Who We Are

About Cheyenne Services

Cheyenne Services is your premier general contractor in the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding areas. Our seasoned professionals excel in a wide array of services, from dirt work to tree removal and junk hauling. With a commitment to excellence, we transform your property needs into reality. Contact Cheyenne Services today for top-tier contracting in the Oklahoma City Metro region.

Our Services

At Cheyenne Services, we offer a range of general contracting services tailored to meet our clients' needs.

Whether you're planning a construction project, need to revitalize your outdoor spaces, or require responsible disposal of materials, our team has the expertise to meet your requirements. 

Dirt Work




Pond Clean Out Services



Civil Work


Tree Removal


Reseed & Mulching


Yard Clean Up


Junk Hauling




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